What we do...

Our philosophy is summed up in these excerpted comments made by Linda Loomis during our June 2012 concert.  Linda was referring to Phil Lambrinos (our first director)...


"... but always, the important designation of the group is a COMMUNITY chorus.  Phil was adamant that any funds from concerts go back to the people."


We purchased the sound system for the Johnson Park renovation, the grand piano for the Liverpool Public Library, and have established annual scholarships through Liverpool Dollars for Scholars. These are just a few examples of our mission in action.  (See our current outreach activities listed below.)


"Phil wanted "HIS" chorus to always make great music and do great good."

Want to help, or need some help?

LCC Outreach, Charity, and Service Activities

The Liverpool Community Chorus has provided outreach, charity, or service to the following organizations:

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