Our Members...


  • No formal audition is required, but we do require an informal voice check with the director to accurately place you in the correct section to maintain the necessary balance of voices.

  • We also have an attendance policy which states that any member who does not attend 75% of the rehearsals prior to a concert is not permitted to perform.

  • We rehearse from 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm on Tuesday evenings at the Liverpool Elementary School.


  • Cost: $30 (1 time music fee, refunded if you leave the group), $20 per concert or $35 for the year.

2021 - 2022 Members

Debbie Ashmore

Karen Banks

Sandra Barbato

Beth Berry

Carole Bossuot

Mary Boyce

James Boyce

Gail Brenkus

Gloria Card

Ruth Cico

Coleen Clapper

Linda Cole

Judy Contos

Sharon Cook

Bobbie Cooper

Tish Corcoran

Doreen Corkran

Mark Corkran

Linda Corp

Marilyn Crevelling

Julie Cummings

Kathleen D'Amico

Cheryl DeBoer

Pat Denison

Bethany Denniston

Chris Denniston

Jim  Dispenza

Wayne Donaleski

Karen Doud

Liz Dow

Ray Dow

Lynne Ehle

Joan  Eldred

Alicia Francis

Shirley Funiciello

Dale Gallonio

Betty Glies

Peg  Gosch

Maryclair Grace

Gillian Hahn

Timothy Hardy

Fran Harris

Janice Harrold

Carol Hawkins

Stuart Hayes

Richard Heimerman

Norbert Henry

Lisa Holt

Barbara Johnson

Sue Kilcoyne

George Kramer

John LaCasse

Sharon Lamparella

Christine MacBain

Roberta Marks

Karen Masella

Emily  Maston

Carol McCarthy

Sharon Micho

John Miller

Susan Mone

Len Montague

Susan Morgan

Eleanor Morison

John Mulcahy

Beverly Narvey

James Nowell

Nancy Ozaroski

Sandra Paciorek

Kelly Palider

Kathryn Palladino

Joanne Patten

Carole Pearsall

Jeanne Race

Jessica Rice

Toni Romano

Douglas Ross

Judy Ruta

Beverly Rutkowski

Rosemary Salamone

Michael Salamone

Jan Scala

Lisa Schmidt

Linda Seeland

Kathy Shultes

Alex Siok

Terry Sivers

Sue Smacher

Sue Stagnitta

Judy Stewart

Cheri Swift

Debbie Thomas

Theresa Thomas

Kathy Totman

Corinne Vestigo

MaryAnne Warner-Long

Austin Westphal

Vicki Williams

Ginnie Winters


* members listed by permission only  (not all members are listed here)