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Our Members...


  • No formal audition is required.

  • We also have an attendance policy which states that any member who does not attend 75% of the rehearsals prior to a concert is not permitted to perform. (NOTE: Attendance policy is currently suspended due to COVID protocols.)

  • We rehearse from 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm on Tuesday evenings in the Chorus Room at Liverpool High School.

  • Cost: $30 (1 time music fee, refunded if you leave the group), $20 per concert or $35 for the year.

Fall 2022 Members


Karen Bloom

Coleen Clapper

Linda Cole

Marilyn Crevelling

Pat Denison

Lynne Ehle

Alicia Francis

Betty Glies

Carol Hawkins

Barbara Kleege

Roberta Marks

Karen Masella

Carol McCarthy

Beverly Narvey

Joanne Patten

Renee Patterson

Betsy Payer

Bonnie Santos

Debbie Thomas

Marcia Turner

Annie Wallace

Mary Anne Warner-Long


Cindy Betts

Jan Burtis

Linda Corp

Cheryl DeBoer

Bethany Denniston

Peg Gosch

Sue Lindsley

Susan Morgan

Antoinette (Toni) Romano

Susan Soboleski-Owens

Sue Stagnitta

Corinne Vestigo

Ginnie Waters


Judy Contos

Christopher Denniston

Wayne Donaleski

Dan Dow

Dale Gallonio

Doug Ross


Dr. James Dispenza

Dick Heimerman

Ted Kleege

George Kramer

Len Montague

Jim Nowell

George Roney

Terry Sivers

Austin Westphal

* members listed by permission only  (not all members are listed here)

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